Central Pines Regional Council Case Study

Central Pines Regional Council Case Study

The Client

Triangle J Council of Governments, now branded as Central Pines Regional Council (CPRC) is a leading regional planning and government organization. • Recently, CPRC underwent a significant rebranding, co-located with Durham-Chapel Hill-Carrboro Metropolitan Planning Organization, and an office transformation to support a hybrid work environment.

The Challenge

Central Pines Regional Council (CPRC) needed to co-locate two organizations, rebrand, and remodel their office space simultaneously, transitioning to a hybrid work environment without dedicated workspaces. Their business objectives were to create a flexible office space that could support 100+ people for large meetings and events, provide tools and workstations for employees regardless of their location in the office, and stay within a tight budget while achieving these goals. CPRC chose Storr based on our reputation for effectively managing moves, leveraging preowned furniture, and our in-house design services. The expected outcomes included a fully functional, flexible, and hybrid office space that aligns with CPRC’s new brand and operational needs and cost-effective solutions utilizing preowned furniture to meet budget constraints.

The Solution

Storr tackled CPRC’s challenge by leveraging its expertise in office moves, preowned furniture, and design services. Our team worked closely with CPRC to meet all their requirements. The process involved:

  • Extensive floor plan reviews.
  • Multiple discussions with CPRC to prioritize space and budget considerations.
  • Collaborative planning sessions with Little Diversified Architects and TriProperties.

The solution incorporated a mix of new and preowned furniture from Steelcase, AMQ, Special T, and BluDot, customized workstations through   for additional cost savings, and integrated move services to streamline coordination and reduce downtime.


The project delivered immediate benefits by successfully co-locating two organizations into a unified, rebranded space, creating a hybrid work environment with nomadic workstations, and providing them the ability to host large meetings and training sessions for over 100 people. Long-term benefits include increased employee satisfaction from the flexible and modern workspace, enhanced operational efficiency with preowned and refurbished furniture solutions, and significant cost savings, allowing for better budget allocation for core activities. Key performance indicators showed that the 20,000 SF office space was fully furnished within budget, received positive feedback from employees and stakeholders, and successfully hosted multiple large-scale events without logistical issues.

“Central Pines is thrilled with our new office space that perfectly combines functionality with flexibility, creating an environment where our employees can thrive. The careful planning and designing with Storr, driven by a tight budget, has allowed us to achieve a workspace that meets our needs and exceeds our expectations. Our team is grateful for the thoughtfulness put into every detail, making this office a true reflection of our values and dedication to providing an exceptional working environment.”

Jenny Halsey, Assistant Executive Director, Central Pines Regional Council.

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